Company background

EnergyPath Corporation is a management and economic consulting firm dedicated to assisting energy firms’ to make capital investment decisions which increase enterprise value. In support of this objective, EnergyPath Corporation supports the strategic planning process, performs market and competitive research and provides the economic, financial and decision-making tools required to quantify results. Energy firms benefit greatly from EnergyPath Corporation’s focus on the business aspects of energy markets and experience within energy markets at all management levels. Altogether, EnergyPath’s principals represent some 70+ years of top management, sales, marketing and economic experience, nearly 50 years within energy markets.

Most recently, EnergyPath has embarked on another avenue: restoring the nuclear energy option in the US. With the experience gained from over 50 years in the nuclear business, EnergyPath has co-formed Transition Power Development, LLC for the purpose of siting and licensing new nuclear generation in Utah. Aligning EnergyPath with powerful political, experienced generation development and regulatory forces to reduce Utah’s almost sole dependence on carbon-emitting fuel resources, Transition Power Development aims to provide Utah and western US energy consumers with multiple nuclear plants employing the most advanced nuclear plant features and designs in the US.  EnergyPath will provide management for all nuclear specific aspects of the development project.  Additionally, the Company will lead the assessment of the strong economic and financial motivations for building the plant in Utah.

EnergyPath Corporation’s clients include some of the largest energy companies in the U.S. Most clients do business within U.S. electric generating markets, and range from companies owning and operating nuclear facilities to others putting renewable energy to work on the U.S. power grid. Our company also works with government, environmental and industrial companies as well.

Most of our clients call on us when they need to make a critical business decision or they need to more clearly focus on their strategies, whether it is explicitly identified or not. Understanding market structure and performing market research in support of new product introduction or customer preferences also motivates clients to use our services. We work solely in the interests of our customers. All EnergyPath Corporation engagements and services are conducted under blanket non-disclosure agreements. We honor client sanctity of proprietary information or the results of our engagements, and never accept assignments where a conflict of interest may prevail.