Decision Support

Strategic decision makers always crave the best available data and analysis of the data. The need to understand the upside and the downside, and the probabilities that they will occur, is fundamental to good decision making. EnergyPath is well qualified to support decision makers because we have substantial energy market databases and the necessary analytical tools to apply the data to the decision at hand.

EnergyPath has collected nuclear plant data, in particular, for many years, enabling decision makers within nuclear markets to feel confidence. EnergyPath can simulate the operation of nuclear plants, dispatch nuclear plants in power markets and perform probabilistic assessments of nuclear plant value and costs. In addition. EnergyPath can make comparisons on the various nuclear technologies within given power markets, and can compare nuclear technologies with other options, such as coal, natural gas and renewables.

Not only does EnergyPath have the data and the tools to perform decision support; but the company can also bring nearly 50 years of global experience in the nuclear industry to bear on any aspect of the nuclear business from new nuclear plants to nuclear fuel and everything in between.